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The New Doctor Lands 23 August

And we couldn’t be happier! Here are a few recommendations to whet your appetite for the new season of Doctor Who (the greatest show in the universe).

time of the doctor

Watch the Eleventh Doctor’s final episode…cry as he realizes his time has come, gasp at the surprise visit from an old friend, clap your hands as he regenerates into–a wild-eyed Scot!?


This biopic tells the story of the little TV show that could.  From the young, untested production team to the rickety sets, Doctor Who was a sure-miss. And yet…

An Adventure in Space and Time–nominated for a Hugo award, although it lost to Game of Thrones “Rains of Castamere”–is funny, smart, and very, very moving.

complete doctor

Feeling ambitious (and a little flush)? This boxed set contains the first seven seasons of New Who, plus a sonic screwdriver.

And don’t forget to join us for our celebration on August 23rd at 1 p.m. It’s going to be out of this world!



July is a great month for books–check out our new releases tab for (just a smattering of) the latest recent and upcoming titles.

big little liesgrimm warning  care and management of liesmy teacher is a monsterbook of life heist herbies game lepuckihundred-year house



shakespeare watch freud watch doctor who watch wonderland watch
We’ll  be seeing these awesome watches from The Unemployed Philosophers Guild next week. This is just a small sampling of the watches available from UPG–let us know if you want to look at the catalog, and we can order in whichever you desire!

caged bird

The Book Frog joins the world in bidding farewell to a woman who lived life to the fullest–and in the process gave back countless gifts. Maya Angelou–poet, memoirist, novelist, activist, actor, singer–died today at the age of 86.  Though she will be missed, her great works live on.


Whether they’re heading off to college in the fall or heading out into the world, these gifts from the Unemployed Philosophers Guild will make them think of you–and smile–every day.

mug dali llamamug hello dalimug disappearing cheshire catmug disappearing tardismug disappearing wivesmug freudian sipsmug pink freudmug shakespeare insultmug shakespeare love

mug banned books mug first lines mug yiddish proverbs

Mugs, each $12.95. From disappearing wives to Yiddish proverbs, there’s a mug to make everyone’s morning coffee a treat.

puppet hurston puppet joyce puppet plath puppet vonnegutpuppets great writerspuppets hamletpuppets wonderland

Magnetic Personalities–on your finger they’re puppets, on the fridge they’re magnets. Just $5.99 for the individual puppets, $21.99 for the sets (each contains four puppets and the box folds into a puppet theater!)

little thinker austen little thinker poe little thinker shakespeare little thinker vonnegut little thinker woolf

Little Thinkers are approximately 11 inches tall, and look eerily like the big thinkers they’re modeled on. Perfect for desk, bookshelf, kitchen counter.



5/15/2014–THIS JUST IN!


 We have finally received our stock of the hottest nearly-700-page economics book of 2014.  We don’t have very many and we don’t expect it to last, so come in soon to pick up your copy!